A work in progress…but it’s on the way.



Although during a busy time, working on this website was interesting on many levels for me and I am hoping my little spark of interest in graphic novels, takes hold and starts a flame for a few teachers.


Firstly, I mastered creating a website which, not too long ago, I paid someone $4k to do for my business!

Secondly, I feel like I am getting the chance (although it’s the tip of the iceberg, this is by no means a finished product) to share my love of graphic novels with colleagues and in doing so, perhaps changing some minds about their potential use in the language arts curriculum.  I also hope that, by providing them with some starter lesson plans and a bibliography of vetted graphic novels, that it might help those who are sitting on the fence about using them as a teaching tool.

Thirdly, I am using media to share knowledge.  It’s something that is lacking in my professional life…and personal (I had to go kicking and screaming onto Facebook and Instagram) but, I now know that this is an easy way to share information with my peers.

Finally, I actually created something.  I know that we always talk about how the process is more important than the product but I think we all (kids included) like to have a product.

That being said, this is a working product and I am not finished; however, it is at a place where I can publish it and continue to build resources for it.  Presently, I only have two lesson plans on it but have many more ideas to add.  During the course of making the site and focussing on what I wanted to share, I realized that this is for teachers.  I have added a section with my favourite graphic novels and a bibliography to go with it, but really it’s more for teachers to be able to look at the selection (they are for kids ages 7-13).

Challenges – the technology piece.  I registered for 4…yes 4 websites and the other 3 were too difficult for me to manage.  Webnode was by far the easiest for a recovering technophobe.  Highly recommend it if you would prefer a website as opposed to blog.

Well, I shall end off by thanking the Wolf Pack for their insights and support.  I have really enjoyed learning from you and stealing your many wonderful ideas:)

Enjoy checking out:  GRAPHIC NOVELS RULE

Yup, that’s my domain name!


Cook, Mike P. & Kirchoff, Jeffrey S.J. (2017). Teaching Multimodal Literacy Through Reading and Writing Graphic Novels. Language and Literacy 19(4), 76-95

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5 thoughts on “A work in progress…but it’s on the way.

  1. Hi Allison!

    Your website turned out fabulous!!! I love the layout and how easy it is to navigate your site. The videos section is great as there are some videos educators could watch but also students. I want to show the Dav Pilkey one to my grade 4/5s in library time. I look forward to checking out the lesson plans but when I tried to open one it says permission needed. So possibly you might want to change the access to public for whoever has the link? Or can just keep it the way it is and individuals can request access.

    Great work! I look forward to using your site in the future.



  2. Awesome! What a tremendous amount of work you did for this website! I LOVE that you have research in there to back up why Graphic Novels Rule. It provides a good argument out there for teachers who don’t like their students reading graphic novels. I sure hope it is okay to share your website with them!??? You have the Three Thieves series as one of your favourites, which I do not have in my LLC nor have I heard of. Popular one? Same with Oddly Normal? popular, too? (How cool are you to have pictures of the popular items in slideshow style pictures – neat addition to your website). What a unique idea for a final vision!


  3. Alison, what a great looking website! Well done! I just checked out your “favourites” section, and there are so many graphic novels I haven’t even heard of…I will be checking them out, and y first look will be “Oddly Normal” as I have a feeling this graphic novel might appeal to a large audience at our school. You are on your way to having a great site to use with your school community!


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